Live/Work Neighborhoods for Urban Entrepreneurs.

Our organization is developing affordable places where makers can live and work that encourage new businesses to flourish. Makerhoods© is an urban planning and economic development strategy that unleashes micro-entrepreneurs to strengthen communities through affordable live/work accommodations. Classic living above the shop settings provide street-level commercial workshops and apartment living for Shopkeepers, “Makers” and Creatives in compact walkable urban neighborhoods. 


While we build beautiful places, we are also supporting our small businesses with BID coaching:

    •    financial planning and strategy

    •    business and marketing help

    •    partner introductions and mentoring

    •    loan resources

    •    backing

    •    tracking business metrics: success


Makerhoods© can be developed on infill lots as small as 5,000 s.f. or open lots as large as several acres. The key to success of the development is the integrated support infrastructure, led by the team and selected partners. Offering opportunities and training in several fields of business and community management including, 

    •    entrepreneurial skill building with focus on small business startup

    •    business development support

    •    hyperlocal marketing platform

    •    dedicated e-commerce portal (see "makers")


The Makerhoods© concept is rooted in the fact that well over half the businesses in the US today are home based business and that such employment will likely grow in the future. To harness and amplify this trend, the built environment must be developed to offer spatial work and housing options in a way that is sustainable ecologically and economically.


Makerhoods© organization was founded by Avi Telyas, a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in lean manufacturing and large scale modular construction. Mr. Telyas is a 1986 graduate of the Harvard Business School and a former trustee of Pratt Institute. His passion for architecture and craft entrepreneurship has led him to this endeavor. 

About Us

Evette Telyas – Pratt Institute, BFA and Jewelry Maker. Evette is the Maker Ambassador for Makerhoods responsible for recruiting Makers and ensuring their businesses are commercially viable.


Avi Telyas – Harvard Business School and lifelong entrepreneur. Combining passion for architecture, urban design and small business. 


A Family Business

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