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Avi Telyas





Avi Teylas is an American real estate developer, serial entrepreneur, and pioneer in lean manufacturing and large-scale modular construction. His passion for architecture and craft entrepreneurship has led him to found Makerhoods.org, an organization which advocates for urban land use policies that foster self-employment and self-sufficiency through affordable working and living space.


Mr. Teylas is a 1986 graduate of the Harvard Business School and a former trustee of Pratt Institute. He is also principal of Seaview Development where he has worked over 30 years running complex projects and operations. An innovator and inventor, Mr. Teylas patented a  technique for high-rise modular building systems, which is the basis for the tallest modular building in the world in Brooklyn’s Barclay Center.


The Makerhoods program brings together his lifelong interest in entrepreneurship and urban development. He embarked on his own entrepreneurial career by acquiring a small manufacturer based in New York City while still in graduate school and proceeded to grow the business by applying the techniques of the Toyota Production System. Mr. Teylas devotes his free time to pro-bono consulting for various charitable and nonprofit organizations in the metropolitan area such as Literacy, Inc., a literacy promotion group; The Waterfront Alliance, a NY-based organization protecting and enhancing the water’s edge; Grameen Bank, a micro-loan innovator targeting low-income entrepreneurs; and Urban Pathways, a developer of supportive housing.

Kristen Mozian

Maker's Ambassador, Director of Community




Kristen Mozian is the Director of Community at Makerhoods.org where she is responsible for recruiting, training, and providing business development services to microentrepreneurs. She brings 8 years of experience working in microenterprise and small business development organizations developing programs, marketing, and teaching and advising small business owners.


Her passion for supporting small businesses began at MERIT, a microenterprise development organization serving 3 counties in Oregon focused on serving low-to-moderate income earners, the Latino population, and rural communities. Kristen also has worked extensively with America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) in Oregon and in Connecticut. In these engagements, she developed training programs, implemented inbound marketing strategies, redesigned websites and marketing collateral, and spoke at America’s SBDC National Annual Conference.


Additionally, Kristen has taught over 100 small business owners about digital marketing, consulted small business owners and organizations, and launched her own e-commerce business in which she learned first-hand the struggles new business owners face.


Kristen is an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer alum and a StartingBloc Fellow. She holds a BA in finance from Messiah College. 

Karen Dillon

Project Manager



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