Join Makerhoods

Makerhoods is an intentional community for makers and microentrpreneurs to run their business and a place to live. As commercial rent prices and housing costs increase, it's getting harder and harder for makers to get their businesses off the ground and running. Makerhoods provides a solution that reduces overhead costs and helps businesses grow.


What is a maker?

A maker is simply anyone who makes something. It could be something tangible like clothes, furniture, or food, or it could be something creative like films or music. Some makers are just hobbyists while other makers use their craft to make a living. The makers at Makerhoods are serious about their craft and working on growing their business full time. 


Who should apply to Makerhoods?

  • Someone who is willing to live and work in the Makerhoods community
  • Someone who is working or willing to work full time on their business
  • Someone who has proven their business concept by already making sales, either informally on formally (for example at a farmer's market, Etsy, etc.)

What do you get as part of Makerhoods?

  • An apartment and commercial space (separate spaces) at a monthly rate
  • Business support and technical assistance services and resources
  • Promotion of business through Makerhoods marketing, promotional & community events

If you're interested in applying to Makerhoods, join our Maker list and we'll reach out to you when applications open. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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