A Genius Class on Innovation: How Do We Innovate? (Recap)


What a way to kick off the New Year! Surrounded by a supportive community of makers sharing encouragement & positive energy! 

Our hosted event "A Genius Class On Innovation: How Do We Innovate?" presented in collaboration with The Genius Collective was a success!

All attendees:

  • Listened to 4 established entrepreneurs explain how they've used innovative techniques and unique skills to stand out

  • Presented their business/projects in small groups and got feedback from the panelists

  • Networked with other like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, and attendees

As a bonus, attendees also got to eat some delicious light refreshments from Chef Nikko.

Thank You All. We hope to see you & many new faces at our next upcoming event which covers the topic of branding on February 21st, 6-8 pm at Launch Pad Newark.